New times, new EUC Expert community program

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Why YOU should become a VMware vExpert EUC

In November 2023, the acquisition of VMware by Broadcom was completed. Shortly after that, Broadcom announced that it will divest the end user computing (EUC) business. This is a clear message, and since VMware’s EUC division is a (financially) healthy one, I will expect that somewhere in the January or February 2024 we know how, and under which flag the EUC division will continue.

With this future change, the VMware EUC vExpert community program also changes. This blog post describes how the EUC community program continues and how you can apply.

Separate from vExpert

VMware’s EUC vExpert community program has always been a sub-program of the generic vExpert program. But now that VMware’s EUC division will somehow continue on its own and separate from Broadcom/VMware, a decision has been made to cut the ropes and sail by itself, independent from the vExpert program.

The EUC community program name

As mentioned, the EUC community program will no longer be part of VMware’s vExpert program. A name that fits the continuation of VMware’s EUC division in its new form will therefore make sense. But since we don’t know what this continuation will look like, the community program for now is named the EUC Expert program. This name may change once everything is clear about the future continuation of VMware’s EUC division.

EUC Expert community program leads

The EUC Expert community program is lead by the enthusiastic and talented Holly Lehman, Senior Community Program Manager, and Jenn Godwin, Marketing Program Manager.

Both are just a couple of months on their way leading the previous VMware vExpert EUC community subprogram, and are doing a great job at organizing calls, events and just making sure the people within the previous VMware vExpert EUC subprogram get the right support for delivering their contributions to the community. And the good thing is, they will continue leading and running the EUC Expert program!

Why you should join the EUC Expert community program

So, “What’s in it for me?”, you may think. Here’s a short summary of what you may expect at this moment.

  • Global network growth
  • Provide direct product feedback
  • Be a global technical advocate
  • Monthly education/update calls

Additional benefits may be added once the future of VMware’s EUC division becomes more clear.

How to become an EUC Expert?

What can you do to become an EUC Expert? There is no single path to becoming an EUC Expert. If people ask me, I always say: “Just start with whatever you feel comfortable with.”. Some activities you may look at are:

  • Present and/or talk at (online) events
  • Write blogs/articles
  • Help the community
    • Participate in (online) (technical) forums, like VMTN
    • Help in (organizing) community events
  • Author/write books
  • Hosting podcasts
  • Etc…

How can you join the EUC Expert community program

Applying for the EUC Expert community program is very simple. Just click the link below to go to the application form and fill out the questions before January 22nd, 2024. You will know if you have been selected in the beginning of February 2024.

EUC Expert yearly applications form

Other helpful and informational resources

Here are some other helpful and informational resources about the new EUC Expert program.

vExpert EUC becomes End-User Compute Community (by MickeyByte IT Pro Blog)

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